The path involves the following principles, that the teachers embody in their lives and convey in their classes: 

  • Bhakti: We believe that the divine can be found in every aspect of life, and hence this path cherishes the aspect of Bhakti yoga, union with universal consciousness by love and devotion, as expressed through chanting, pooja, altar care and other spiritual practices. We believe that the more spiritual we become, the more we can perceive that which is spiritual. 
  • Prema: Unconditional love. We foster love towards ourselves, every sentient being, and to life itself, by adhering to the guiding principles of: Acceptance, Forgiveness, Letting go. 
  • Svadhyaya: Self study and study of the scriptures. Yoga is an ancient antropotechnique that was developed to answer the problem of the suffering inherent in life (duhkha). In this path we study how the ancient seers solved this problem in different and unique ways. We consider ourselves life-long students, on a learning journey open to embrace the teachings of all yoga schools, of science, and different spiritual traditions. We accept that knowledge is evolving and hence that our beliefs can change and likewise what we teach can change too.  
  • 8 limbs: This path encompasses the practice of all the 8 limbs of yoga, placing much emphasis on yamas, niyamas and pranayama.
  • DaDaDa: As teachers of Bhakti Prema Vinyasa, we are guided by the teachings of the Bhradaranyaka Upanishad: Dāmyata Datta Dayadhvam (DaDaDa): “Be Self controlled, Give, Be compassionate”.

I loved being challenged on and off the mat each day - and it was so worth it because the amount of knowledge you‘ll have accumulated after this course is unbelievable. Even if I should not end up as a teacher after all, I feel like my own practice and understanding of yoga has evolved so much. And what‘s best: I got to hang out with the loveliest people and create a beautiful tribe that will hopefully stay in touch for a lifetime!

- Natalie Bauer

…the best part was the yoga. Ameriga is extremely knowledgeable and driven to share every bit of herself with her students. Passionate, adorable accent. I learned so much.

-Maria Petrykowski